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Watch Our Education Agenda program on Services for Autism Spectrum Disorders:

Autism Society of America:


Autism/PDD: Yale Child Study Center:


CT Autism Spectrum Resource Center:


Connecticut Autism Society:


Private Autism Schools in CT & MA: The Corwin-Russell School

Special Ed schools which focus on the educational needs of children w/ASD.


Kennedy Krieger Institute:
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Resources from the Autism Spectrum Program:

Yale Child Study Center
230 S Frontage Rd.

New Haven, CT 06519 
(203) 785-2513


Yale Autism/PDD
Yale Child Study Center
(203) 785-5759


Autism Speaks   


CDC - Vaccine Safety
Feb 23, 2009 ... Read report here about the vaccine-autism theory


Your autistic child – visit:


Autism Inspiration at:

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CDC - Concerns - MMR Vaccine - Vaccine Safety

Dec 23, 2008 ... Many carefully performed scientific studies have found no link between MMR vaccine and autism.


Autism and Immunizations

Do immunizations trigger autism? Read our articles and parent poll.


Vaccinations and Autism?

Is there a link between common vaccinations and autism?


Clifford Beers Clinic  Website

370 James Street
New Haven, CT 06513 Map
Phone Number for out-patient referrals- 203-777-8648- parent/ guardian must initiate the call for care- serving Greater New Haven community
24/7 Crisis Hotline-  1-888-979-6884-  serving New Haven, Hamden, North Haven, North Branford, Branford, Guilford, Madison, East Haven


Bridges Milford - A Community Support System, Inc.

Bridges provides comprehensive mental health and addiction services for children Orange, West Haven and surrounding communities in south central Connecticut. ...
Phone: 203.878.6365