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New York Times: Room for Debate

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Public Access Awareness Association (PAAA)

A nonprofit organization formed in 1997 whose mandate is to support users' interests and rights as protected by the U.S. Constitution, and to educate, inform and advocate for the use of Public Access in the United States.


Parent and Teachers Team Building Benefits All Students

OneWorld's Education Agenda: Fourteen parents and teachers from Bpt,. Hamden, New Haven and West Haven join OneWorld's Marc Palmieri hold a team-building workshop. They share information and learn from each other about how to build strong parent/teacher teams for the benefit of students. OneWorld has received many positive comments about this program. This is the full 1-hr workshop. We encourage watching.
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Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media is dedicated to improving the lives of kids and families by providing the trustworthy information, education, and independent voice they need to thrive in a world of media and technology.
Advice for Parents
Educators Programs


The Boys of Barka

A multiple award-winning documentary about the human face of a tragic statistic. 61% of Baltimore's African-American boys fail to graduate from high school; 50% of them go to jail.


Waiting For Superman

Oscar winning documentarian, Davis Guggenheim (An Inconvenient Truth), follows the education system as it is today. Despite increased spending and politicians’ promises, our buckling public-education system, once the best in the world, routinely forsakes the education of millions of children.
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Race to Nowhere

"Race to Nowhere" is a film that calls us to challenge current thinking about how we prepare our children for success.
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The Lottery

Nominated by Black Reel for Best Documentary, The Lottery explores the struggles of four families from Harlem and the Bronx in the months leading up to the school lottery.
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Teach chronicles the determination and commitment of four young teachers as they fight the real fight: educating our children.
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Teached is a series of short documentary films that candidly address the causes and consequences of our nation's race-based “achievement gap," looking at continuing inequality in our public school system and taking viewers into those communities where its effects are most severe.
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A thought provoking film which tells the inspirational stories of several inner city teens (of differing race, religion, and ethnicity) from Harlem to Compton and all points in between, as they compete in an annual business plan competition. 
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2 Million Minutes

This film takes a deeper look at how the three superpowers of the 21st Century - China, India and the United States - are preparing their students for the future. As we follow two students - a boy and a girl - from each of these countries, we compose a global snapshot of education, from the viewpoint of kids preparing for their future.
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Washington Debate Coalition: Projects and Programs

The WDC provides three major categories of support to schools and debate teams and encourages the use of debate as a means of civic engagement.


Debate Video: Lecture - Debate as Agency - Allan Louden

Debate as agency: Preparing students for civic engagement, rather the use of debate as the means to accessing other civic enterprises.


The Great Debaters - Wiley College | A Place Where Every Student Can Succeed
Inspired by a true story, THE GREAT DEBATERS chronicles the journey of Professor Melvin Tolson (Denzel Washington), a brilliant, but volatile, debate team.


The National Debate Project
The National Debate Project (NDP) works in the field of education reform.  Emory National Debate Institute, Georgia Middle School Debate League.



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