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Education Workshop #2:
Parent & Teachers Team-Building


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Education World®: Special Theme: Parent Involvement in Schools
Parents and Teachers Working Together - How do you establish and maintain a good relationship with your students' parents? Included: Tips for making connections to parents on school and classroom


Reading Is Fundamental | Parents | School Connections
Children succeed best in school when teachers, parents, and children work together. ... U.S. Department of Education: Homework Tips for Parents ...


Here are the Important Points that the Participants from our OneWorld Parent/Teacher Education Workshop want viewers to remember from this program:


  1. Remember that the education of your children is a partnership between the teacher and the parents. Do whatever is necessary to help your child to learn.

  2. Equip your child with the tools necessary to go on in life without you. 

  3. Ignorance is far more expensive than education.

  4. Parents & teachers need to be on the same page.

  5. School staff should not be afraid to allow parents into the schools and classrooms.

  6. Parents should not feel intimidated; deal with the issues as they arise until they are resolved.

  7. Each educated child goes on to be an asset to the community.  Educators are building the future for a better community.

  8. Teachers need to treat students as their own children & empower students to be independent learners.

  9. a) The urgency in education is to push all students to find their passion before the process of education becomes the undoing of such a discovery.

    b) The science of teaching is to discover the genius in every child.

    c) The art of teaching is to encourage each child to discover the genius within himself.
  10. As a parent and as a teacher, believe in your ability to guide a child to learning every day.

  11. It is the duty of every parent and teacher to encourage children to achieve their dreams.

  12. Most children are receptive to learning, and appreciate having new experiences.

  13. Educators have a responsibility to meet children where they are and help them to learn and grow from there.

  14. Every parent wants what is best for his/her child; communicating that effectively is critically important.

  15.  Parents HAVE POWER! The best way to affect change is to stay positive and work with your child’s teacher.  Communicate with the school, and request a meeting with the principal if you consider that necessary.  Be Involved with your child’s education every step of the way.


Is teaching the most important job in the world?  It certainly is, and parents are their children’s first teachers.  When parents and classroom teachers build effective partnerships, students benefit doubly because both have the responsibility to teach children.”

The Federal Govt. has instituted a Race to the Top Program.

You can read the Executive Summary at:


Learn more details about the Federal Proposals on school reform by visiting:
Education Secretary Launches National Discussion on Education Reform at:


Here are other resources for Parent & Teacher
Team-Building & Supporting Education


[PDF] Positive Education – An engrossing 13 page very informative document.

[PDF] Positive Education inevitably works to create a school culture that supports the caring, trusting relationships that distinguish excellent schools from their poor and mediocre peers.


Reading Rockets: Building Parent-Teacher Relationships
By: American Federation of Teachers (2007)
Effective communication is essential for building school-family partnerships. It constitutes the
foundation for all other forms of family involvement in education.


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