Learn more about Black History - What exactly is it?

In this technological age, it is easy to find out.

Here are some pointers and great resources to get you started:


Read: Dr. King's Letter from Birmingham Jail & "Why We Can't Wait."

1.  Learn about The Harlem Renaissance - and the great African-American artists

2.  Learn about the Amistad revolt of 1839, and the incredible period from 1825 to 1965 in America

3.   Discover some of the African-American giants of Art, Literature, Music, Dance, Theatre the Resistance Movement, the Underground Railroad, the White People of Conscience and Courage who stood up for the freedom of Black People, and the incomparable achievement of many black people in the face of unbelieveable odds:  www.chs.org/exhib/amistad.htm








7.  Visit some of the many pages on this web site. Read about some of the issues facing the community!