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Part 1: African Diaspora 1


Part 1: African Diaspora 1

Part 2: African Diaspora 2

Part 3: African Diaspora 3

Part 4: Caribbean 1

Part 5: Caribbean 2

Part 6: Caribbean 3

Part 7: Jamaican




~ Nelson Mandela, South African Leader


  • Scroll down the page for a wealth of information available in the community.  Visit various areas of this site for more information.

  • Also visit: to get more information on various health-related programs in New Haven.

  • Watch "21st Century Conversations" TV Programs on your local access channel in Shoreline & Valley towns, also on Cablevision 78 in Bpt., Fairfield, Stratford, Orange, Milford, Woodbridge, Nutmeg TV- If you don't see our program on your channel, ask for it!


Community Healing Day

Click HERE for 5 easy ways to celebrate on the 3rd week of October each year.


Check out New Haven's main African-American publication:

The INNER-CITY NEWSPAPER,  by Penfield Communication.
50 Fitch St. New Haven, Established: 1990. The paper welcomes input and ideas for articles from the community.

Get all of your health check ups on a regular basis.

  • Monitor your blood pressure and your level of sugar in the blood.  

  • Visit the dentist; get your teeth cleaned every six months.

  • Periodontal disease can affect general health.

  • Black men over 40, get your Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) blood test, and Digital Rectal Exam (DRE) physical exam.

  • They are simple and easy and could extend your life.

  • Women get your breast, cervical and uterine check-ups and pap smears.

  • Check with your primary care providers about what tests you should be having based upon your age & family history.  Maintain your good health!

Every Feb. for Black History Month, we focus on a range of programs and issues with emphasis on the Black Community. Send us your ideas for future programs.  Help us to serve the community more effectively.

Enola Aird (Community Healing Network) hosts dynamic conversations on significant issues.


1) "Emotional Emancipation?" & "Moving The Covenant Into Action."
Join us for rebroadcast of some of the programs done in past years

2) "Roles and Depictions of Blacks in Comic Books."

You can order a DVD or VHS copy of this educational program.

3) The Jamestown Project
Visit: to learn more about this dynamic program directed by Stephanie Robinson, Esq., Founding President & CEO.  

VISIT A Walk In Truth Christian Books & BlackPrint Emporium
162 Edgewood Avenue, New Haven, CT 06511 - (203) 782-2159 - A truly unique place in New Haven and in Connecticut Visit:

  • Is there a special book you cannot find?
  • Do you want an item that has special cultural and historical significance in the African-American community?
  • If that item exists, Bea will find it for you.  
  • Have you ever read the book "Black Politics/White Power?"  It is written by professor Yohuru Williams, and it is about New Haven in the 60's and 70's. So is "Murder in the Model City" written by Paul Bass.
  • Both are fascinating reads!  Find them at BlackPrint.
  • Are you interested in exposing your children to some of the unique cultural aspects of the African-American experience? Take them to BlackPrint.  You will be surprised by what they can learn.

Mailing Address:

The Jamestown Project at Harvard
125 Mount Auburn Street, Suite 329
Cambridge, MA 02138

This is a rich & dynamic information resource in the community!

Issue Areas

The Jamestown Project recognizes that there are a variety of issues that must be addressed holistically to create change. Our fellows have a range of scholarly, grass-roots, and policy interests and expertise, which will translate into a vigorous national dialogue with diverse new leaders giving voice and vocabulary to important issues of the day.

Jamestown addresses a range of issues - both at abstract levels of theory and on a grassroots level - including: Retelling the American Narrative, Democracy, Citizenship, and Stewardship, Criminal Justice, Family Values, Morality and Our Culture, Religion, Race, Equality, Economic and Social Justice, Health and Health Care, and Militarism.


Over the next twenty-four to thirty-six months, Jamestown will enact programs and action projects related to issue areas discussed in the "While Democracy Sleeps" White Paper that are central to our concern about promoting racial and class quity by effecting systemic and social change.

  • Storytelling Project
  • Covenant Action Manual Project
  • The Foundational Covenant - "Strengthening the Family"
  • Upcoming Book Projects  

Read The Covenant with Black America
A national plan of action to address the primary concerns of African Americans today.  Check with the Jamestown Project on what they are doing to put The Covenant into operations.




Learn about the real pioneers: Black Women in Congress

Two black women were pioneers in their service in the U.S. Congress:

  • Shirley Chisholm was elected in 1968, winning a seat from Brooklyn, and was the first black woman in the House.

  • Barbara Jordan joined her in 1972, becoming the first black woman from the South elected to Congress, and one of the first two African Americans since Reconstruction elected to Congress.

  • Both were known for their criticism of the Vietnam War and for their work for minority and women's rights.

  • Barbara Jordan was also known for a riveting speech at the 1976 Democratic National Convention, and Shirley Chisholm for her barrier-breaking run for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1972.

Click HERE to read about these and other famous women in Black History!

Also check out these links for much more detailed information:

Women in Black History
An ever-expanding list of resources for learning about notable African American women and other women of Black History. You'll find women who are well-known and women who should be better-known, from early America and slavery to the 21st century, including the Harlem Renaissance and the civil rights movement. See also: African American History and Women: Timeline 1492-present

Women in Black History: A - M & N - Z:




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