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Do you know about Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer?

Read about her. Go to:


Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer had a 6th grade education, barely. She was short, she had a limp due to childhood Polio.

Yet, in 1964,  Hamer spoke in front of the Credentials Committee to the Democratic National Convention, in a televised proceeding that reached millions of viewers. President Lyndon Johnson tried to block her speech from being broadcasted by requesting network time at the same time she was speaking, but ABC had already interrupted its broad-cast of the movie "Judgement at urenberg" to carry a part of Mrs. Hamer's speech.

She told the committee how African- Americans in many states across the country were prevented from voting through illegal tests, taxes and intimidation.

As a result of her speech, two delegates of the MFDP were given speaking rights at the convention and the other members were seated as honorable guests.

Hamer was an inspirational figure to many involved in the struggle for civil rights.

She lived from Oct. 6, 1917 to March 14, 1977. She was 59.  

Whenever life beats you down and you feel like giving up, visit:

Learn more about this remarkable woman and what she was able to accomplish.  She was beaten and battered so that you --as a black person-- could have the right to vote!


Please do not take that right for granted; it came at a high price.

The Covenant with Black America is no longer a conversation-
it is a call to action.

Get a copy of The Covenant in Action and the Foundational Covenant "Strengthening the Family" and learn more.

Explore The Ten Covenants with Black America

1.   Healthcare and Well-Being
2.   Education
3.   Criminal Justice
4.   Police Accountability
5.   Affordable Neighborhoods
6.   Voting
7.   Rural Development
8.   Economic Prosperity
9.   Environmental Justice
10. Digital Divide

Black people can never become "economically empowered" unless those who are striving to serve the Black community get the economic support of the community.

BlackPrint Emporium has been providing Cultural and Spiritual Resources to the Black Community since 1988.  It offers:


  • Full-service Christian Bookstore
  • Cultural Literature for all ages
  • Unique Cultural Gifts
  • Fine Art Prints
  • Custom Framing


OneWorld Progressive Institute, Inc. is a 501(C)3 charitable organization that researches, writes and produces informative, television programs for the benefit of the community.  The programs air on 12 cable stations in about 45 towns.

This organization began on June 9, 1996 when N'Zinga Shäni (then Beverly Grant-Thomas) presented the first TV program.  She did so for several reasons.  

  • Concern about the poor quality of community programs that were on the air

  •  The local access TV station was not offering anything she could watch, enjoy or learn from

  •  There were a great deal happening in the community that were not being discussed.  

  • As an educator, she believed that the community would benefit from informative programs on a range of issues.  Thus was born "Looking into the 21st Century."

  • In 1999 the program's title changed to "21st Century Conversations" with N'Zinga Shäni

  • Neither Ms. Shäni nor anyone who serves on the Board of OneWorld, Inc. is paid for the work with OneWorld or for the TV programs. OneWorld must pay for every tape that is distributed to the cable systems that broadcast the program, and for every tape provided to guests, or to others who request them.


All expenses incurred on behalf of OneWorld, Inc. must be paid from funds raised on behalf of OneWorld, Inc.We need the help of the community to continue providing good programs.



Stephen L. Carter is without question one of our contemporary literary giants.  He
brings a superior level of intellect and analytical sophistication to his writing. N'Zinga S. Shäni

Books by Prof. Carter:

New England White  A Novel by Stephen L. Carter June 2007

In 2002 Stephen Carter wrote The Emporer of Ocean Park. It was a great read.   New England White - his second book of fiction is exceptional!

Read these reviews:
http://legalhistoryblog. blogspot. com/2007/07/two- reviews-of-stephen- carter-new.html

Then get the book and write your own reviews!

The Yale Law Professor has also written several other books; here is the list:

  • Reflections of an Affirmative Action Baby, 1991  

  • The Culture of Disbelief: How American Law and Politics Trivialize Religious Devotion, 1993  

  • The Confirmation Mess: Cleaning up the Federal Appointments Process, 1994  

  • Integrity, 1996  

  • The Dissent of the Governed: A Meditation on Law, Religion, and Loyalty, 1998  

  • Civility: Manners, Morals, and the Etiquette of Democracy, 1998  

  • God's Name in Vain: The Wrongs and Rights of Religion in Politics, 2000  

Meet the author at: http://www. barnesandnoble. com/writers/...



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