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Prostate Health, originally posted on the New Haven Independent website.

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer (PC) three years ago when I was 60. Although I was well informed on the basic facts pertaining to PC, I soon relized that I needed to learn much more. I commend N'Zinga Shani, 21st Century Conversations and her guests for this valuable public service program. Most of the media provided information on PC focuses on testing and diagnosis. Great to see that this program provided essential information on treatment options. I recommend a follow-up program that provides more details on treatment options. Men diagnosed with PC and their families need as much help as they can get to decide what is best for them.

Posted by: JP | October 8, 2009 8:04 PM

This statement below was delivered to OneWorld with a request that it be posted here. We thank Marvin for his contribution and commitment to educating others.


Approximately 4 years ago I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer (PC). When a urologist tells you that you have PC it really blows you out of the water. While I got regular PSAs, I didn’t want to get a biopsy because I was afraid of the possible outcome. When I got my results I was not sure what to do next. There is a great deal of information to be absorbed; it is the worst time to try and remember and focus on all the different pieces of information coming at you. This is why having a program such as this “21st Century Conversations” on the public access station where we can get good information before we are ill is very important and extremely beneficial. Men on my job were talking about this article today.
Posted by: Marvin | October 9, 2009 12:56 PM

This is another health topic of key importance. Unfortunately, many of us men allow our pride and egos to get in the way of accessing this type of information. These days it is impossible to get any physician to spend more than a few minutes with you during an appointment. I commend these Yale doctors who make themselves available in this way; this is truly laudable.

Posted by: Dave B. Jr | October 9, 2009 9:02 PM



Another very informative and highly beneficial program from OneWorld Progressive Institute. This is what can happen when public access facilities are being used in the manner they were intended. I congratulate these doctors who doate their time; the New Haven Independent that provides the coverage, and N'Zinga Shani for her commitment to educating the broader community.

Posted by: WC | October 15, 2009 10:32 PM

We in the community need this type of information more than most of us realize. We are all so busy we tend not to pay attention until something goes wrong. I think it is wonderful that programs such as 21st Century Conversations exit to help in this very valuable way. With the problems we have in health care today doctors have no time to educate; we are lucky to get a doctor to talk to us for 10 mins during an appointment. I think this program and the article are really helpful. Thanks everyone.
Posted by: Heather | October 15, 2009 10:43 PM


As a cancer survivor, I welcome information which reflects male "inevitability" and includes the issues and question often avoided. Based on my experience, many men know "less" about their bodies than women! The program and the responses provided me with perspectives, insights and information which are timely. Having several friends dealing with Prostate cancer, the program clarified different protocols, recent advances and the evolving technology.
Posted by: M. Palmieri | October 31, 2009 10:49 AM