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What is Public Good?


Public Good Defined:


Something that is positive for everyone; it is in the general welfare of the people, and in the best interests of the community.


  • A public good is available for everyone to consume, regardless of who pays and who doesn’t.

  • In economic terms, a good that is non-rival in consumption and non-excludable. 

  • This means that consumption of the good by one individual does not reduce availability of the good for consumption by others.

  • And that no one can be effectively excluded from using the good.


Examples of Public Good:    

  • Community Block Watch
  • Contributing to the Welfare of Others
  • Cooperative Community Projects
  • Highway Networks
  • Law Enforcement
  • Leading by Positive Examples
  • Measures to Enhance Public Health
  • National Defense
  • National Weather Service
  • Public Libraries
  • Support of Basic Science


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