Understanding Stages of Breast Cancer - DVD


Understanding Breast Cancer Staging - (Health Care Literacy Part 11)
  • This program defines the stages of Breast Cancer & gives details about each Stage
  • The doctors explain Genomics, Genetic Testing, TNM Staging and Cancer Grade.
  • The doctors also provide a very detailed visual Anatomy of the Female Breast

Michael DiGiovanna, MD, PhD,  Associate Professor of Medical Oncology &
Maysa Abu-Khalaf, MD, Assistant Professor of Medical Oncology
Yale Cancer Center Breast Cancer Program

In this program the doctors explain that:

  • Women can live with Stage 4 Breast Cancer for years; however, at Stage 4 the cancer has metastacized; it has spread to other areas of the body.  
  • To date, doctors do not have a "cure" for Stage 4 Breast Cancer.
  • How long a woman lives with Stage 4 Breast Cancer depends on a number of factors and is very individualized.  Women should NOT compare their individual situations.

  • Genomics - which is the study of complex sets of genes, how they are expressed, and the role they play in human biology can help to give doctors individualized information about a disease.  Researchers can now analyze cancer at the molecular level.

  • Genetics is the study of inherited traits or features that can be quantified by DNA analysis of individuals.  Analyzing DNA sequences is called genotyping.

  • Oncotype DXTM  is a diagnostic test (being developed) that reportedly quantifies the likelihood of disease recurrence in women with early stage breast cancer and assesses the likely benefit from chemotherapy1. Learn more at: Oncotype DX Diagnostic Techniques.  The more you know, the more informed questions you can ask your MD.

  • You can get a very comprehensive overview of Breast Cancer stages, .  Doctors divide divide breast cancer into four number stages.  Successful treatment makes it less likely that the cancer will go on to another stage.  Many breast cancers never go beyond stage 1 or 2.  However doctors usually make decisions about treatment for breast cancer according to the TNM stage and the grade of the cancer.  Please visit the web site below for comprehensive information on the stages, treatment options and a great deal more specific information. http://www.cancerhelp.org.uk/help/default.asp?

    LifetimeTV.com: Breast Cancer Awareness Petition.
     Let's end "drive-through" mastectomies.

    Heart Disease KILLS MORE women than all cancers combined.  While it is important to learn how to reduce your risks for cancer, please also learn about Heart Disease & STRESS.

    Visit the American Heart Association web site at:

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