Maintaining Health & Well-Being As We Age - DVD


Date:              May 21, 2009
Topic:        Women: Maintaining Health & Well-being


1. Ivy Alexander, Ph.D., ANP-BC, APRN- (Associate. Prof. & Midlife Women's Health Specialist, Yale University)
2. Deborah Desir, M.D.- Specialist in Internal Medicine & Rheumatology (Arthritis & Osteoporosis Ctr, 2200 Whitney Ave, Suite 320,  Hamden)
3. Karin Michels-Ashwood, M.D., Medical Director (Hill Health Center)


 I = Use Imagination, keep food selections varied and Interesting
N = Attend to the Nutritional Value of your foods

S = Serving Size, plan Smart Snacks
H = Hydrated (keep yourself hydrated)
A = Alcohol, ingest only in moderation
P = Portion Size, be Pro-Active about your health (have things ready in advance), and Prepare foods in a healthy way
E = Enjoy your food and Exercise

For more information:        
Visit the following Websites:
Living Well & Aging Well

Women’s Health

Reference Books:
100 Questions and Answers About Menopause, by Ivy Alexander and Karla Knight, J+B publishers
100 Questions and Answers About Osteoporosis and Osteopenia, by Ivy Alexander and Karla Knight, J+B Publishers.

Screening and Prevention: Adult 50 years of age and older

  • Individualized
  • Needs to provide benefit and target a condition
  • More likely to be delivered when there is a established relationship with a clinician

Types of Screening and Prevention:

  • Cardiovascular disease ( heart attacks and Strokes)
  • Cancer: Breast, Cervical , Colorectal,
  • Depression
  • Diabetes

Immunizations: Influenza vaccine; Pneumococcal Vaccine; Zoster vaccine

  • Injury prevention
  • Domestic Violence
  • Lifestyle-related Problems
  • Substance abuse/ Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Vision and Hearing
  • Osteoporosis

What is Osteoporosis?
Osteoporosis is a disease in which bones become fragile and are more likely to break.  It is a silent disease.

10 million people in the U. S. have osteoporosis, 80% of these are women.

34 million people have low bone density or Osteopenia.

People of all racial/ethnic backgrounds are potentially at risk for developing osteoporosis.

50% of women over 50 will suffer an osteoporosis related fracture in their lifetime. The risk is higher than the risk of stroke, heart attack and breast cancer combined.

Issues covered: General health for Midlife Women, Osteoporosis / Arthritis &, Menopause

Menopause (Ivy)

  • What are the common symptoms of menopause?
    • Reduced libido/sexuality – I have no desire to be intimate with my husband; I cannot stand to be intimate, but I’m afraid to be alone; What can I do to make intimacy possible without those creams? 
    • Hot Flashes – I am 52; at night I sweat like a pig; I do not want the hormone pills and I am afraid of the creams.
    • Sleep problems / Irritability – Irritability is a real problem for me.  The doctors at the clinic have no time to answer; HELP? Menopause is over for me, yet I have trouble sleep most nights; if I go to bed early (10 - 11) I wake up x 2. Why?
    • Skin and Hair changes – As we age, why do the hair gets thinner for some of us women and not for others? I hate it!
  • How can the symptoms of menopause be managed? (Ivy)
    • Lifestyle changes
      • Dress; temperature; avoidance of caffeine, sugar, tobacco; increased H20; exercise; excellent sleep hygiene
      • Should women drink only herbal & green teas? Caffeine keeps me up at night; yet, if I don’t drink it, I can get nothing done during the day; what’s the answer? Due to lack of sleep I am often tired; is Melatonin the best non-prescription sleep aid? If not, what is?
    • CAMs
      • Relaxation techniques, Yoga/Pilates, paced respirations
      • Specifically, what natural substances work?  What might cause long term problems?
      • What about Phytoestrogens, Vitex, Black Kohosh & St. John’s Wort? They seem to offer relief on and off so I rotate them. My doctor will not discuss these. Will these cause long-term problems? 
  • Deborah Desir, M.D.
    Arthritis & Osteoporosis Center
    2200 Whitney Ave, suite 320

    Hamden, CT 06518, (203) 281-5910

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