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Part 5: Media and Politics



Is There Gender Bias in the Media?


Read the commentary by Bob Herbert of the NY Times.   Click the link below.  What do you think would have been the media reaction had it been the boys who had been singled out and killed?  Why haven't we heard more discussion about this aspect of these cases?

Gunning Down Women -
Right here in New Haven women are being attacked in many ways
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006

Or listen online at OUR NEW WEBSITE: http://www.asiapacificforum.org/

Celebrate Women's History throughout the year.

Visit: www.nwhp.org.  When you visit this web site click onto the catalog and be intrigued; share this site with your sons and daughters.

WWW.WMM.COM = Women Make Movies has almost 500 films in its collection, representing more than 400 film-makers from about 30 countries.      

  • Women often see their culture and societal issues in more comprehensives ways than their male counterparts.  Learn about the issues in various countries by looking at the movies made and the stories written by the women who give voice to what is happening in their countries.  

  • In America, the stories told by Latinas are often very different from those told by white women; the same is true for African-American women, and first generation Asian women.



The following sites contain a range of information of particular benefit and interest to women:

The Federal Office of Women's Health at: www.4woman.gov/OWH provides a variety of information, and also The US Dept. of Health & Human Services at: www.hhs.gov and at 800-994-9662.

  • Learn about Women's Studies Programs around the country and get other forms of comprehensive references particularly for women: 

The media was savage to Hillary Clinton's candidacy; isn't it incredible that in 2008, in the country that is supposed to be the number one democracy in the world, only 14% of its national reps are women, and the media and many women savaged her?  What accounts for that? Why would some women participate in the oppression and demonization of another
woman? Because it is fashionable and acceptable and by doing so they gain visibility!  This is what happens when people do not perceive themselves as being equal!  

Had Hillary refused to shake hands with Barack, we would have seen it times 1,000! Her motives would be analyzed by the talking heads.

Mrs. Clinton campaigned for Mr. Obama when he was running for the Senate; she raised funds for him.  When he got to Washington, she provided him with support & advice.  Why was she trampled on in the Primary?  Because she is a WOMAN!

  • Do you know how many women are in the US House of Representatives?

  • How many women are in Congress all together?

  • Do you know what percentage of the US population are women?

  • Do you know how many women are in Parliament in Britain?

  • Do you know how many govts and countries in the world are headed by women?

  • How much do you know about Golda Meir and Indira Gandhi?

  • Why is Hillary Clinton being pilloried?  We claim to be the number one country in the world; yet, many of us wince at the thought of having a female president.  Some say America will be ready for a female president in 20 years!  Golda Mier became Prime Minister of Israel in 1969!  She was born in 1898!  Hillary Clinton is smarter and stronger than many of the men running!

Some praised Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister of Great Britain, but we cannot handle it here!

  • Why are men and women held to a different standard in every respect?

  • Do you inadvertently contribute to sexism and oppression of other women?

  • Do you have a daughter?  Would you like her to realize her full potential?

  • What are the things you say to her to reinforce that she is as capable as your son?
Men who are making conscious efforts to be equitable sometimes find themselves thinking and acting is sexist ways.   This is also true of some women who have bought into their secondary roles in society.  Men still have more power to penalize strong assertive women. Ask yourself, if men are so strong, so secure, why are some of them so threatened by strong, assertive women?

Women are often judged punitively for being assertive, focused, and direct!

We are called harsh names including the"B" word; this is often by other women.

  • In some of the most elite workplaces & in the halls of IVY, women's traordinary efforts are taken for granted.
  • Men are often applauded for similar and even less remarkable efforts!
  • The  sexist comment by Harvard's former president is not exceptional.
  • We MUST fight against sexism and Gender Bias wherever we encounter these.  DO NOT be Coopted!
  • Do not participate in the oppression of other women, regardless of what enefits might accrue to you as an individual!

What parent wants his or her daughter to be deprived of equal opportunities? None!

Yet, as employers, supervisors, teachers, neighbors, police officers, decision-makers on all levels, these very parents act in ways that are very gender discriminatory.  Why? It is a part of who they are.  We need to break the cycle early.

Teach your daughters & sons about some of the truly remarkable women who have gone before; encourage them to learn about women who are blazing a trail today.


Order one of our Women's History Education Programs.

Learn about the history of Women in the US Congress 1917-2006 at:   

Learn about the women physicians who are leading the fight for good health care for women in the USA:

Pioneers: Black Women in Congress

Two black women were pioneers in their service in the U.S. Congress:

  • Shirley Chisholm was elected in 1968, winning a seat from Brooklyn, and was the first black woman in the House.

  • Barbara Jordan joined her in 1972, becoming the first black woman from the South to be elected to Congress, and one of the first two African Americans since Reconstruction elected to Congress.

Both were known for their criticism of the Vietnam War and for their work for minority and women's rights.

  • Barbara Jordan was also known for a riveting speech at the 1976 Democratic National Convention.

  • Shirley Chisholm for her barrier- breaking run for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1972.

  • Both women were, above all, themselves; they did not pander for acceptance.

  • They faced discrimination as women & as African Americans. Read more about these two fascinating black women in American history:



OneWorld Pays Tribute to Andrea Dworkin (9/26/46 - 4/9/05)


The Women's Freedom Movement (OneWorld's term) lost one of its most eloquent, committed and passionate advocates.

The author of 13 books of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, many speeches, essays and articles


Dworkin was a political artist of unparalleled achievement.

"In every century, there are a handful of writers who help the human race to evolve," said Gloria Steinem; "Andrea is one of them."

(Read many of Dworkin's works at Andrea Dworkin Online Library)

Dworkin was one of feminism's most rigorous minds and fiercest crusaders. Called "the eloquent feminist" by syndicated columnist Ellen Goodman, Dworkin's impassioned words always informed, provoked and inspired.

Read some of Dworkin's inspiring words, excerpted from her speech at the University of Toronto. She implored us to - Remember; resist; do not comply.

Whether we agree with Adrea Dworkin and other feminist/activists or not, they bring a different perspective to the table of conversation; that perspective informs us in ways that broaden our view of the world and our part in it.



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